Dannys Jumpers

1. Call Danny's Jumpers to check availability for the inflatable jumper you want and the date you want to rent it for.
2. Contact the park where you intend to have your inflatable jumper party. Some park and recreation Contact Information is listed on this page.
3. Ask the park the following questions:
       a. Do they require an inflatable jumper permit?
       b. Do they have an adequate power source? Most parks do not have electrical outlets. Danny's Jumpers requires one dedicated circuit outlet per inflatable blower. We offer generator rentals for parks at $65 per generator (one generator can hold two blowers).
       c. Do they charge a fee for the permit or any other reservation fees? Apply for the permit and pay all required fee to the city park.
4. Require documents 
       a. California ID or driver’s license of the person named on the park permit. 
       b. Park permit.
       c. Credit Card for security deposit (VISA, MC or Discover cards only) must be under the same name as the person listed on the park permit.

5. Arrive at park at least one hour prior to delivery time. Make sure to have your cell phone on you so the driver may contact you.

6. Remain with the inflatable jumper and all other party equipment until the same driver from Danny's Jumpers returns for pickup.
7. Once the driver arrives and before setup, the driver will ask to verify your driver’s license. If there is a balance due, you can pay the driver in cash.
8. Most parks already have our insurance information on file (such as Long Beach, Paramount, Cerritos and LA county parks). If your park requires an additionally insurance certificate then just give us a call for the certificate.